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Safety Check is an example of a safety training game made with the LOCI platform.

Safety Check is based on the knowledge requirements of a standard employee safety orientation. It uses our Smart Sticker and Scavenger Hunt features to create a touchless, self-guided training tour of your physical work area.

Players locate and scan smart stickers that are strategically placed around their environment. Each sticker prompts the player with an emergency scenario that can be resolved by locating the appropriate safety fixture, navigating to the correct exit, or choosing the safest behaviour. 

Why It Works

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Location is the key to learning.

Location and long-term memory are connected in the brain, which means that everything you remember is located on a map in your head. LOCI helps build strong memories by connecting important safety information with real world locations where it’s needed. Stronger memories help you make faster, safer decisions in an emergency. 

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Presentations are not training.

We forget up to 80% of what we hear in a one hour lecture after just 24 hours. Because they lack interactive or hands-on learning elements, most safety orientations are designed to be forgotten. For these reasons OSHA’s training development guidelines state that materials like PowerPoint presentations and handouts “are not a substitute for teaching.” LOCI makes your safety training content sticky by transforming it into accessible and memorable games.

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Make Your Own Safety Game

LOCI makes it easy to turn your safety knowledge into highly effective training games.
Why It Matters

One of the easiest ways to reduce risk in your environment is to improve the safety knowledge of everyone who shares that space. 

Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? When should you use it? Where do you keep the first aid kit? How do you escape if the main exit is blocked? The majority of employees we interviewed had a hard time answering these questions despite having attended a safety orientation at some point in the past. When something goes wrong, it’s not the time to be searching for answers.

People deserve to be better prepared to act in an emergency. 

LOCI makes it possible to easily train anyone on vital safety knowledge, regardless of their age, location, device, or language of origin.

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